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Basic Goat Care

Goats make amazing pets, they are very intelligent, gentle and affectionate. However they do need a few things to ensure they have a safe happy life.

Proper Fencing - They will need at least two paddocks which are able to keep the goats in and any potential predators out. A minimum requirement would be 900mm hinge mesh fencing strained top and bottom. With an electric stand off. While they are young and smaller they can also squeeze out of any small gaps in the fence. Minimum space requirement for two goats is around 500sqm per paddock. Suburban backyards are not suitable.

Stronger fencing will be required for Bucks and if breeding extra yards and more secure areas are required.


PIC - Before any animals can be sold or transfered you will need a PIC number which can be obtained from your local land services department. Also it is good to check with your local council any rules in place regarding livestock in your area.

Shelter - Goats hate the rain and can get really sick if forced to be out in it. They will need a three sided shelter large enough for them to sleep, eat, drink and walk around in for days at a time in the event of bad weather. A minimum of 2sqm per goat undercover area is a good guide.


Community and Activities - Goats are a herd animal, so they cannot be kept as only animals.  I wont sell any goats by themselves unless other goats are already owned. They also need some mental and physical stimulation. Supplying rock, logs, slides cable reels etc. will keep them playing and exploring.

I also like to trim branches of trees and put them out for the goats to browse on.


Health Care - Goats are quite hardy and only need a few things to stay in good shape.

Worms should be checked by doing a FEC (Faecal Egg Counts which see if the goats need to be wormed). FEC should be done every three months or so unless signs of worm burden then do more frequently.

Feet should be checked every 4-12 weeks depending on the ground type and availability of rocks to wear there feet naturally.

Vaccination with 6 in 1 every 6 months is done. However some people choose not to vaccinate their animals.

Vitamin and Minerals should be provided, either loose or in goat blocks.

Fresh clean water and a good hay should be provided ad lib.

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